Friday, April 11, 2008

New Opportunities!

Wow, a lot has happened since I've last posted - my Mom came and visited, I escaped from Delhi's heat by taking a short three day trip into the mountains, and I have become caught up in two new wonderful opportunities to connect the West to my work here in India!

First, I would like to publically thank my Mother for all the emotional and physical support she has give me over the past ten days: she has filmed hours and hours of Dai meetings, and brought smiles to the faces of everyone she has encountered! Thank you, Mom.

Since one of my main goals for this project was forging lasting connections between maternal health issues in India and abroad. I am thrilled to announce several opportunities that make it possible for me to bring my experience home and bring home to my experience.

First, I have begun to film different areas of my work, especially my Dai meetings. The financial support of the Mahatma Gandhi Fellowship has given me the ability to dedicate a portion of my summer to editing and organizing my footage into a tangible depiction of my experience.

Second, I have began working with the founder of Birth India, an independent coalition of doctors/midwives and individuals dedicated to promoting the benefits and best practices related to natural childbirth, to forge links between foreign individuals who are interested in working or volunteering in India . We are creating a cross-cultural maternal health exchange program which helps foreign doctors/midwives/doulas volunteer or work in clinics, hospitals, med-schools and NGO's! For more information on Birth India, please visit their newly constructed website at:

I am very excited to see how these new opportunities evolve over the next month and a half before my departure. On the 18th - 20th of April, I will be traveling to Mumbai to attend a conference on Cesarean section and further organize the maternal health exchange program. On April 29th and 30th, Birth India is bringing Delhi's first Childbirth Film Festival to India Habitat Center.

My Mother and I after a Dai meeting

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To be able to read this blog, was such a blessing for me!
To know that exist the fill my soul with gratitude